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If you’re the type of girl who idolizes the classic style of Audrey Hepburn, Zhang Ziyi, and Grace Kelly then Germain is the brand for you. Simple, fresh, and forward thinking, our simple designs are perfect for the HK woman who wants to look timelessly chic. What is classic in fashion is a topic of hot debate, however, there are certain elements that characterize key styles throughout the various trend cycles; more often than not its simple looks with clean lines that transcend what’s in vogue and become iconic. It’s this pared back, iconic style that our designers have in the forefront of their minds when they create each new online collection.


Simple chic is universal. Regardless of your shape, size or style sensibilities, the pared back style looks good on everyone. We take classic designs such as the trench coat, pencil skirt, leather jacket, and A-line dress and make them relevant for the streets of Hong Kong. This can mean subtly tweaking a great design by working in elements of asymmetry and contrast, or reimagining a simple piece with bright detailing or a modern fabric.


The Ultimate Online Capsule Collection Perennially Fashionable Women


Our current online range features a dynamic range of separates that form the basis of a modern capsule wardrobe. To build a capsule wardrobe you need to develop of a collection of simple, classic pieces that can be used to create multiple looks. Start with staple classics like one our chic designer coats, perfect for the Hong Kong winter, a pair of slim line pants, and an A-line skirt, then add modern fashion flair with on trend accessories like fur collars and neon accents. Germain Studios design for the HK woman with a timelessly chic wardrobe.

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