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Embrace true continental style with elegant couture from Germain Studios. Anyone in fashion will tell you that French style is the pinnacle of refined elegance and what French designers send down the runway are more often than not the looks that define the new season’s trends. There is supposedly something intangible about French style, a certain je ne sais quoi that words can’t quite define. At Germain Studios, we take the spirit of that sharp, intelligent style of dressing you see strolling down the boulevards of Paris, and use it to inform our brand’s collections. Our brand strives to bring the elusive Parisian style to the streets of Hong Kong, with clothing that truly embraces the sensibilities of Gallic chic.


A Brand that Reimagines the French Style for Hong Kong Women


For centuries, the world has looked to France as the epicenter of sartorial chic. Historically, French design is associated with exquisitely complicated designs, master craftsmanship, and premium materials. Although the values of quality and skill are still integral to designers of this country, cultural icons such as Coco Chanel, Yves St Laurent, Jean Paul Gautier, and Karl Lagerfeld have helped to shift modern conceptions of Gallic style to encompass everything that is simple and timeless. In keeping with the traditions of the great Parisian fashion houses, our brand employs forward thinking design, quality materials, and bold innovation to create stylish clothing that truly pushes the envelope.


Our brand takes the essential aspects of Parisian style; slim line cuts, geometric patterns, subtly sexy shapes, and relaxed styling, and then uses these elements to create clothing with timeless international appeal. Germain Studios Paris is designed for the modern sartorial woman, someone whose style transcends countries and trend cycles. The Germain woman is just as comfortable strolling the streets of HK as she is the Boulevards of Paris. She is bold, she is modern, and she is unique. Visit our homepage for more information on our clothing range available online.


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